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So...How Did You Find Town Shores?

We asked that question of our residents and here are their stories:


Dales Richardson

We found Town Shores through our parents Lloyd and Elizabeth Richardson. They vacationed in Florida in the late forties or fifties and decided then that Florida and the warmth there was for them. Dad retired in 1976 they answered an ad in the Toronto Star for an apartment in the Dover building. My brother and I both visited them that winter and were impressed with the community they had found. They found a unit in the Kenmore building that winter and bought it. Later they moved to the end unit on the sixth floor of the building and they spent the rest of their winters there. 

We visited them regularly and as our retirement came closer we had the opportunity to buy a unit in the Kenmore building. We have been here ever since and enjoy all of the facilities that our winter home, Town Shores has to offer.  We have made many many good friends and neighbours here and look forward to many more years here.

Tom and Martha Atkins

My grandparents retired to Gulfport and lived in a small house on 26th Avenue I believe.   My aunt and uncle bought a brand new condo in the Embassy in 1972. Later they convinced my folks to buy one in 1985. They all lived there part time until my aunt sold hers. In 1997 my husband and I inherited my parents condo and we travel back and forth between Tennessee and Gulfport. Love Town Shores

David and Lorna

We took a weekend trip from upstate New York to Gulfport the first weekend of December 2019.  It was our first time to the Gulf after a few winters in St. Augustine.  We wanted to see St. Pete's Beach based on recommendations from others but chose Gulfport because it was a community setting that was close to the Gulf.  We arrived on Art Jones weekend and immediately fell in love with Gulfport and all it offers. We walked the Tour both days and spoke with many friendly people about life in Gulfport. We decided take a look at Town Shores after talking to some folks at Stella's.  We found a condo for sale at the Barclay and went to see it.  While we were there we met several residents, toured the facilities and decided that we wanted to make an offer on the Condo. Unfortunately, we weren't successful with our first attempt but still feel that Town Shores is the place for us.  Happy New Year!


​Sally and Roger Palmer/Diplomat

When I was younger my grandparents and then my mom lived in Gulfport.  It was always fun to come visit them and we came often. When we retired  my husband and I decided to  wander around the country for a while. After traveling for a year we needed to take a break and get caught up with doctors and dentists, etc. We decided to come to Gulfport for a few months before continuing to wander. We rented in the Windsor and fell in love with the view. Found a condo to buy in the Diplomat.

Renae C. Lovett/Jamison

We are a 2nd generation neighbor here.  My in laws George and Jeanne Lovett bought their condo here because Jeannes sister Tony lived in the Kenmore.  George and Jeanne were from Maine and came to visit one winter for 4 days and fell in love with Townshores and Gulfport.  They went back to Maine, bought this condo in the Jamison 601, sight unseen and moved here in June of 1992 I believe and never looked back.  They spent 20 years here in Gulfport retired and enjoying life.  We bought the condo from my husband's sisters in 2015, renovated in 2016 and have been here since.  Originally from Maine we moved to Arizona in 2009, our two sons are still West Coast so we have a condo here and in Scottsdale Arizona, so we go between here the sun and ocean and there the sun and desert.  We love this area, Gulfport is truly a hidden gem!!

JoAnne Russo/Windsor

My son's father in law had a client who was selling in the Diplomat. I had been looking at houses.  He told me  about the condo. We looked at several in Town Shores and I am now settled in the "wonderful Windsor".

John Henry Lewis/Windsor

Ironically about 25 years ago I was renting a small apartment in a private home in Gulfport, thinking about  buying a local condo. Long story short I bought one across the bay because it had a mixed age group.  I didn't want to  live with old people at Town Shores, until I came here to help my old friend Stan, who reminded me I was sufficiently older! After taking in the view from his Apt and meeting Stan's neighbors I realized Town Shores was going to be home sweet home.

Hamid Mehrizi/Windsor

My wife, Jila, and I live in Windsor. We used to live in Ohio. As my retirement was approaching, we were looking to move to a warmer climate. We had been to Hilton Head, SC and really liked it there. We were actively looking for a house there. Our realtor lined up several houses to see. Our friend who lives in the Embassy Building heard that we were serious about moving to Hilton Head. She asked us to come down to Gulfport before we go to Hilton Head. We listened and drove down from Ohio to Gulfport. We REALLY liked it. But we had properties to see in Hilton Head. After two days in Gulfport we drove up to Hilton Head. It was early March. While it was nice and warm in Gulfport, we found Hilton Head cold and deserted. This time we didn't like Hilton Head as much because we were comparing it to Gulfport. We immediately decided to switch gears and look for properties in Gulfport. It took a year and half to be successful in contracting for our dream residence. We love it here!

Irene Gernon/Buckingham

I first visited a friend in Town Shores who had retired here from NY. I immediately fell in love with the community and decided to make it my retirement home. So, in 2012 I left the hussle and bussle of NY and settled into my beautiful condo in the Buckingham overlooking Boca Ciega Bay. I appreciate my lifestyle every single day and wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.

Bunny and Harold Nissen/Diplomat

My husband and I first bought in T. S. in 2005.  We came from St Pete Beach, about 3 miles away as the crow flies!  We move in, made lots of good acquaintances and some real friends, we stayed until 2017.  Then our rental property became vacant and we moved back to St Pete Beach for 2 1/2 years to a nice home one block from the Gulf.  We still kept in touch with our friends from T.S.   After the 2 years or so and still attending many functions at T. S. We figured out we missed all the people we knew there and all the fun we have had over the years. So a few months ago we moved back and are so happy to be back!!  Town Shores is stuck with us the rest of our lives, God willing!

Philip Penrose/Hampton

The first time I came across Town Shores was in 1994.  While living in St. Petersburg I was delivering Meals on Wheels and I had delivered to clients here. Years later, in 2007, when I decided to make a change, I ended up living in Gulfport and made some friends at Town Shores. It was then I realized what a nice community this is (with great views!) and soon after I purchased a unit in the Hampton. After living in two units in the Hampton, I have since left the Gulfport area, but I am remaining involved as the manager of the Town Shores website.

Muzi Michaels/Chatham

Well, I was soon to retire and wanted to leave CT.  Had two choices - move to Juneau Alaska or move to Gulfport.  Went for the warmth!  When I arrived and was staying with my Uncle, he knew a real estate agent so off we went looking. Looked all over but saw 4 condos in Town Shores.  Found one I liked in the Chatham (1BR deluxe) and bid on it.  It's MINE!  Sold my house in CT and lived like a gypsy for a few months then moved  in.  What a JOY!  Have made so many friends. We all agree, this is the place to be!

Norm and Lily Goldman/ Kenmore
In 1975 when my wife Lily and I were in our twenties and real estate was in the dumps in Florida, we decided that it would be nice to own a condo in the sunshine state.  We had two children at the time and every year we would vacation during X-Mas and summer in Florida.

After writing to the St Petersburg Chamber of Commerce (There was no Internet at the time), we received several packages concerning various condo developments in the area. One of these happened to be Town Shores of Gulfport. We never heard of Gulfport and as we were in the area during X-Mas, we decided to check it out.

At the time, the Kenmore building was in the process of being built. We had a check list of our various requirements and as the price was right, we went ahead with the purchase. Incidentally, there was no requirement that you had to be 55 years old at the time and when this did come about, we were grandfathered in. Now that we are retired, we never regretted our purchase and we take full advantage of all that Gulfport and Town Shores has to offer during our winter stay away from the cold and snow of Montreal, Canada where we live during the rest of the year.

Alex and Marie Marshall/Jamison
We may not technically qualify as being residents yet but I found Town Shores online while researching for a retirement property. I knew immediately if TS was anything like the listings For Sale portrayed it was just what we wanted , a friendly community with lots of Activities and Walkability to restaurants and water!   We came down and looked at three complexes . TS was the one !!  We just bought in The Jamison, earlier than planned but we fell in love and hope its just what we expect it to be and to be residents within the year!!

Judy Tuttle/Nottingham

We have rented for four years at different places in the Gulfport area, and loved each one, but have been hunting for an ideal spot with a gorgeous view of Boca Ciega Bay.  So we've checked out many spots/ offers that are local.  One day we saw an ad in the "Gabber" that posted several spots available for sale/ rent, so we decided to visit them and see what they offer that's special, and fits our desires.  One was listed at Town Shores, so we drove over and checked out all the recommendations for the property.  I visited each building with a post, and checked the apartment owner's posting on the wall.  We phoned and visited three, and finally got ahold of our Renter over the phone.  He offered to show us his property for rent, and once we saw it in the end unit of the building with a dynamic view, we called the owner and told him of our interest in renting for a term.  He sent us a contract offer for last February, and we've been renting since then!  We're delighted with so much this place has to offer.  We love it and will stay a long time!

Jim and Barb Severino

My wife and I are from upstate New York. My father and mother bought a house on Gulfport around the late 70’s and my family and I used to go down  to visit them once or twice a year. When we went down, I used to go out early in the morning and jog down to Gulfport Beach. I would get a coffee and sit around the beach until it was gone then walk back to my parent’s house. I always thought that the Town Shores would be such a nice to live with it being so close to the beach, fishing from the pier. and the town center. My parents have been gone for several years, my wife and I are retired and looking for a place to call our own, in FL, for the winter months. I have just started looking and Town Shores is one of my prospects.

Blair Libby/Jamison  

My Dad had made up his mind that when he retired he was leaving Maine and moving to Florida, so at age 65 (in 1965) he moved to St. Pete and purchased a little house near Stetson College. When he later found out about condominiums being built on 58th street he visited the sales office in what is now the Avalon and purchased unit #112 in the Barclay still under construction on Mar.17, 1971 for $16,077. My wife and I visited my parents there (with five kids) a couple times. During the first visit the Chatham was being built and the kids had to be called back as they were playing on the Chatham walkways. No one was living there yet at that time. I felt condo living was not for me then.

In 1984 I retired and we purchased a motor home and traveled to Florida that winter visiting my parents, state parks and Ft. Desoto etc. After much R.V. travel in 1985 we visited Florida and Town Shores again. By that time, living in a motor home for the season was not my cup of tea, so we looked at some condos. Made a low ball offer for Jamison #114 and surprised it was accepted, partially furnished in December. Learned of a real estate tax benefit called “homestead exemption” and went thru the procedure to get the benefit by Dec. 31, 1985. Have wintered here ever since and fulltime here since 1992. It’s been “home” to us forever. My Dad showed how smart he was when he left Maine and ended up at Town Shores.

Roger & Mary Garlick Roll/Manchester

We are from Williamsville NY, outside of Buffalo. A few years ago my close friend and neighbor sold her house and moved to Town Shores (Dover) to be near her daughter. The first time we visited her we fell in love with the community. The walk/friendly Gulfport, with unique shops, bars and restaurants was a stone throw away. I tell friends that I can being drinking a beer at a local establishment with a 21yr old on one side and a 80yr old on the other. The perfect mix. After looking into renting with proceeded to buy in Manchester. My wife Mary, now retired is a true snowbird and me a working fireman back north continue to visit at least once a month. We have found paradise.

Dann & Mary Oliver/Eton
In the early 80s I was developing a one-way boat rental business between Dunedin and Sarasota when I came across Gulfport.  I quickly noticed a soul quieting feeling coming south of Gulfport Blvd, and fell in love
with Gulfport.  The condos at the bottom of 49th Street South struck my fancy as a place to look into.  I didn't think we could afford Town Shores.  When I told Mary I had found where I thought we could spend out
winters in retirement, she laughed.  A visit here in 1985, and learning that Gulfport was below the frost line and had never been hit directly by a hurricane, started to convince her.  Mary finally retired from teaching in June of 1999, and in January 2000 we were traveling around Florida with our camper trailer.  February and March we rented at Golden Sands, and before heading up home, we arranged to buy a unit there.  We
have been winter residents of Gulfport since November, 2000.

In January 2010, with real estate in the doldrums, we found a place in the Eton that we could just afford, so became owners in TS.  Renovations took us into March before we could move in, just before heading back up home for the summer.  We rented our place at Golden Sands to a nice chap, who is still there.  Our ground floor one bedroom deluxe in the Eton is just right for us.  Mary doesn't drive, so being able to walk to
the library, senior's center, down town, and the shops along Gulfport Blvd is just great.  With all the amenities, activities, and most anything one might need available locally, we couldn't ask for a better
location.  Several people from up home, on learning how happy we are as winter residents in Town Shores, and how 'old south Florida' Gulfport is, have made their seasonal homes here as well.  With all the
opportunities available elsewhere we still can't think of a place we'd rather spend our snowbird seasons than here in Town Shores of Gulfport. That soul quieting feeling is still there every time we come south of
Gulfport Blvd.  We thank everyone for being such friendly neighbors.

Bob and Janet LaFlamme/Nottingham

In 1989 we were vacationing with friends at Indian Shores, Sunday we drove to Gulfport to visit friends, who had lived at Town Shores. They showed us the area, walked around the complex, read the Gabber and found a unit for sale in the Nottingham.  We called the owner and she agreed to show us the unit.  That was the beginning, we closed on the unit by Friday of that week.  We moved here full time in 1995 and have enjoyed every minute of our home in TS.  Bob and I have been very involved in activities at Town Shores and at Nottingham, both of us serving  as President of Nottingham through the years.

Cathy Vaseliades/Windsor

In 1973 I was living at what is now Seaside Villas. In 2008 or 2009 they decided to go condo and asked a ridiculous price for our apt. We had several friends who were moving to Town Shores. One called me and said we have a great apt coming available in Windsor. My husband and I looked at it and took it and have been here in Windsor since around 2009 or 2010. My husband died shortly after we moved, but  I am still here and love it here in the Windsor and all of Town Shores.

Robert and Norma Morris/Buckingham

Norma and I sailed in to down town St. Pete Marina and was still living aboard our sailboat as we had done for 8 years. We met a fellow sailor who was also a realtor and she assured us that TS of Gulfport offered us the friendly waterfront atmosphere to which we had come accustomed to. She showed us several units, all with beautiful water views and explained the activities available at the club house and at the surrounding community. Next we were then taken to O’Maddys for a beer and that’s all it took. We have always felt welcome and at home in Town Shores. The neighbors are great and this is a fun place to live.

Audrey Lynch/Embassy

Give all the credit or blame to our friend Maggie. We stopped for a visit on our return from the Boston area back to our home in Puerto Rico. Maggie generously took us all around. One particular day she wanted to see some properties listed in Town Shores.  Since Jay was a contractor, she asked him to go with her to check out the listings. I went along as well.  It was a beautiful Sunday and something to do. We opened the door of our present place, spent about six minutes looking around.  Then Jay came up to me and asked,

“Do you like it?”, "Let's buy it”. I paused briefly then said, "Yes!”  We spoke with the owner about a ready deal and he said, “Welcome to Town Shores!” That was four years ago. A good and happy decision.

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