Just Us Girls

​​Chairman - Betty Espanola  (401) 855-1284

Co-Chairman - Monica Ottomanelli 

(917) 974-3347

“Just Us Girls”  met for breakfast on May 13th at the Comfort Cafe in the Town Shores Plaza to plan their Fall activities and events.

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On Sunday, May 2nd, a group of “Just Us Girls” attended the Neil Simon Broadway show, “Barefoot in the Park” at the St. Petersburg City Theatre on 31st Street in St. Petersburg. It was a wonderful production, and the 1st indoor event attended by the group in a year.

Photo 1: Kathy Biersack, Gayla Davis, Bev Finnerty, Cathy Culler, Annette Ventola, Pauline Murphy,                Gail Wickwire, Joan Kirby, Elizabeth Wargacki, Betty Espanola

Photo 2: Marie Marshal, Deb Staebill, Petie Pawlikowski, Rosemary Contino, Phyllis Miller, Susan                  Mulool, Betty Browne, Bev Finnerty, Juanita Sciullo, Judy Zielinski
Photo 3: Nakashian, Cathy Culler, Sandy Stare, G Gonzalez, Deb Staebill, Monica Ottomanelli

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‘Just Us Girls” gathered in the Courtyard of the Peninsula Inn on Thursday, April 8!

Photo 1: Rosemary Contino and Natalie Riordan (seated), Jean Flaherty, Susan Mulool

Photo 2: Annette Ventola, Lois Santarsiero, Joan Kirby, Pauline Murphy, Elizabeth Wargacki 
Photo 3: Loretta Vanderwiel, Bonnie Boldac, Grace Wagenman, Elaine Makashian, Vonda Rauckinas

Photo 4: Sandy Stare, Debbie Staebell, G. Gonzalez

Photo 5: Jan Spears, Callie Gilberti, Gayla Davis 

Photo 6: Carla Kennedy, Fran Yeske, Janet LaFlamme, Terry Cote’

Photo 7: Marilyn  Carchia, Barbara John, Ann Davis, Karen Rohr

Photo 8: Karen Riddle, Betty Espanola, Pat Murphy (standing), Monica Ottomanelli, Cindy Holst

Photo 9: Phyllis Miller, Bunny Nissan, Petie Pawlikowski, Juanita Sciullo, Betty Browne, Crissy J.,

             Gerry DeRaco, Bev Finnerty

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Keeping up with our pledge to support local restaurants, Just Us Girls met on

Thursday, March 11th, at the Comfort Cafe in the Town Shores Plaza. Smiles everywhere!!!

Photo 1: Janet LaFlamme, Fran Yeske, Ann Davis, Sue Whitney,Gayla Davis, Callie Gilberti

Photo 2: Marilyn Carchia, Susan Malool, Monica Ottomanelli, Betty Espanola, Barbara Rich, Karen Rohr
Photo 3: Elizabeth Wargacki, Joan Kirby, Jan Spears, Pauline Murphy, Annette Ventola, Lois Santarsiero

Photo 4: Phyllis Miller, Bev Finnerty, Juanita Sciullo, Petie Pawlikowski 

Photo 5: Ann Lamberson, Kathy Biersack, Vanda Rauchinas, Bonnie Boldac, Grace Wagenman

         Missing from photos: Marion Bishop and Peggy Mushea

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JUST US GIRLS celebrated a bit early with a Happy “GIRLS”entine Day Dinner on Thursday, February 11th, at Tutto Bene restaurant on Beach Blvd. in Gulfport. What a GREAT turnout! Good food, good service,

and good friends! A shout-out to Christian for setting us up.

Photo 1: Janet LaFlamme, Joan Kirby, Elizabeth Wargacki, Fran Yeske, Pauline Murphy
Photo 2: Jennifer Bergman, Karen Riddle, Marilyn Carchia, Betty Espanola, Barbara John
Photo 3: Peggy Breay, Jerri Tate, G. Gonzales, Jan Spears
Photo 4: Grace Wagenman, Vanda Rauckinas, Kathy Biersak

Photo 5: Lois Santarsiero, Annette Ventola

Photo 6: Gayla Davis, Monica Ottomanelli, Rosemary Contino, Callie Gilberti (standing), Pat Murphy,                           Jeanni Flaherty

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Since the TS Clubhouse is still closed,  “Just Us Girls” held  their January 14th meeting at the backyard patio of Gulfperk on Beach Blvd. Tables and chairs were socially distanced and everyone enjoyed their meal and beverage. A big “Thank You” to Matt, an owner, for welcoming us and providing us with delicious food and wonderful service.

Photo 1: Marion Bishop, Rosemary Contino, Grace Wagenman
Photo 2: Sandy Stare, Peggy Breay, G. Gonzalez
Photo 3: Elizabeth Wargacki, Joan Kirby, Pauline Murphy, Donna Murphy
Photo 4: Juanita Scuillo, Ann Davis, Bev Finnerty, Petie Pawlikowski
Photo 5: Monica Ottomanelli, Betty Espanola, Annette Ventola

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On Saturday, January 18th, 2020, the women from Town Shores “JUST US GIRLS” attended a Tea Party sponsored by the Columbiettes, located at Father Lopez Hall in Pinellas Park. It was a fundraiser for the Bay Area Pregnancy Center. The ladies enjoyed finger sandwiches, mini quiches, pastries and desserts along with assorted teas. There were door prizes, raffles, a photo booth with assorted props, and a DJ for entertainment.

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Rosalie Hawk, Betty Espanola, Deborah Ness and Monica Ottomanelli pose with the cast from the show “Sin, Sex, and the CIA”.

On Thursday, February 20, 2020, the Just Us Girls group attended the Just For Laughs Dinner Theatre in Largo. Everyone enjoyed the sumptuous buffet and the hilarious comedy.

On Tuesday, April 9, 2019, 30 women from the Town Shores JUST US GIRLS group enjoyed a tour and lunch at the Don Cesar followed by a Water Color demonstration and lecture at the Suntan Art Center. Susan Alan from the Don Cesar gave an historical and informative talk and stroll through the hotel.

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On March 19, members of the Just Us Girls enjoyed a delicious lunch at the Hollander Hotel In St. Petersburg.

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Our group enjoyed a delicious lunch on February 11 at The Library Restaurant located at John Hopkins All Children Hospital.

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Just Us Girls group saw the show “What the Bellhop Saw” at Ed Fletcher’s Early Bird

Dinner Theatre in Clearwater.

Good time with friends!


Lunch at Little Tommie's Tiki

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These photos are from a High Tea Lunch at Sweet Tea Celebrations on November 8th, 2018

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