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Showcasing Residents and Their Hobbies Here at Town Shores

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Meet Rick Reeve

My name is Rick Reeve.


My wife and I have owned a condo here in the Eton building for 6 years where we spend our winters before returning to our home in Kingston Ontario for the summers.


I have been a licensed amateur radio operator for 53 years and bring my hobby with me each winter to take advantage of the reciprocal amateur operating privileges granted between Canada and the United States.


Over this past winter I've made 119 contacts from the Town Shores parking lot to places including many of the United States, the East and West Coasts of Canada, and  places like Honduras, Canary Islands, St Barthelemy Island, Curacao, Spain, Germany, Sicily, Italy, Venezuela, and Montserrat.


My portable station is battery operated and includes a wire antenna erected using a telescoping fiberglass support all of which is disassembled, packed up and brought home when I'm finished. Over the years I have experimented with many of the authorized amateur modes including Morse code, voice, and digital operation connecting my laptop keyboard with my radio to communicate directly with other amateur stations via HF radio. The radio signals are bounced off the ionosphere and do not involve any other media such as cell or internet.


Here are a few photos of my portable station taken this past winter...


My buddy Derek (left) frequently comes out to join me during evenings, operating from the picnic table or the back of my car...

Thanks to the many folks who, over the winter, have stopped by to enquire just 'what the heck am I doing'.

I'm always happy to stop and answer questions about this fascinating hobby.

Best Regards,


Rick Reeve VE3ORY

Danny, Lenny, Hitch, Jim, and Trigger

Leonard Dow of the Barclay and his four friends are early risers!


These five guys, who call Town Shores home, for at least part of the year, play slow-pitch softball regularly with the Boomerangs on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturdays at 8:00 a.m. The games take place at Hoyt Field in Gulfport - located practically around the corner from Town Shores at the corner of 56th Street  and 23rd Avenue S.


The Boomerangs are always looking for new players to join the roster.  Players must be at least 55 years of age, so most ladies and gents of Town Shores qualify.  Contact Gary Muenks:

Left to right are Danny, Lenny, Hitch, Jim, and Trigger.

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