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On Thursday, April 13th, a group of friends who play Bocce every morning gathered for their end of the season dinner at Tuttorosso Restaurant on Blind Pass Road.

Frank Ottomanelli gave 2 awards.

The first was to John Stare for being the “Athlete of the Year”. John not only plays Bocce, but is a Bocce Referee, tennis player, biker, boater, and Master Gardener at the Gulfport Community Garden, among other activities too numerous to mention.

Larry Lynch also received an award for being a Pioneer of Town Shores Bocce. Larry truly loves the game, and he especially loves throwing black balls. Larry serves as an expert mentor for newbies to the game.

Larry Lynch proudly holds his award.

Larry Koehler, John Stare (wearing his award), Duane Newbille


(Bottom left and then around the table) Gordon Doe, Phil Contino, Richard John, Peter Bishop, Frank Ottomanelli, Larry Lynch, Gerry Espanola,

Larry Koehler, John Stare, Duane Newbille

On December 8, 2022, the morning BOCCE BOYS friends’ group held their annual Christmas Party at Ford’s Garage in St. Petersburg. Richard John was awarded the MVP Christmas stocking for being the most improved player of the season. Good food, laughs, and friendship were enjoyed by all.

Duane Newville, Gerry Espanola, Larry Lynch, Frank Ottomanelli

Phil Contino, Larry Koehler, Bernie Savastano, Peter Bishop, Richard John (standing), John Stare, Duane Newville, Gerry Espanola, Larry Lynch, Frank Ottomanelli

Frank Ottomanelli, Phil Contino, Larry Koehler, Richard John

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