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Just Us Girls 

​​Chairman - Betty Espanola  (401) 855-1284

Co-Chairman - Monica Ottomanelli 

(917) 974-3347

54 members of JUST US GIRLS gathered for a Christmas Party on December 2, 2022,

at The Pearl Restaurant in Gulfport. Along with a delicious lunch, the ladies enjoyed

new and old friendships, a grab bag, raffle prizes and holiday cupcakes.

Many thanks to Beverly Finnerty and Joan Kirby who planned this wonderful event!

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JUST US GIRLS is back in full swing! On Sunday, October 30th, 2022, a group of its members attended the 2 time nominated Broadway Musical Comedy, THE ADDAMS FAMILY, at the St. Petersburg City Theatre on 31st Street in St. Petersburg. The show was a comical feast that embraces the wackiness in every family.

The ladies agreed that it was a full afternoon of pure enjoyment.

1) Some cast members from “THE ADDAMS FAMILY”

2) Monica Ottomanelli, Rochelle Williams, Juanita Sciullo, Gerry DeRaco, Sandy Stare, Marion Bishop, Marion LaPierre

3) Susan Malool, Natalie Reardon, Rosemary Contino, Barbara John
4) Rochelle Williams, Sandy Stare

5) Monica Ottomanelli, Juanita Sciullo

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50 members of “JUST US GIRLS” came together for a Christmas Celebration on Friday, December 3rd, 2021 at the ISLAND GRILL in Tierra Verde.

Many thanks to the Committee who planned this festive event!

1) Fran Yeske, Jan Spears, Joan Barry, Grace Wagenman, Cathy Biersak, Pauline Murphy, Vanda Raukkinas,

    Terri Gregory, Caroline Jacobs, Janet LaFlamme

2) Betty Browne, Christina Haggerty, Lois Santarsiero, Annette Ventola, Betty Espanola, Jennifer Ventola,            Jeanne Flaherty,  Gayla Davis, Diane Dagenis, Elizabeth Zanata

3) Juanita Sciullo, Bev Finnerty, Phyllis Miller, Joan Kirby, Bunny Nissan, Cathy Sturgeon, Iva Lynn, Gerri              Deraco, Doris Bush, Joy Wansor

4) Committee: Bev Finnerty, Joan Kirby, Cathy Sturgeon, Juanita Sciullo, Phyllis Miller 

5) Marie Marshall, Cathy Culler, Jeri Tate, Sandy Stare, G Gonzalez, Loretta Vanderwiel, Bonnie Bolduc, Ann      Lamberson, Ruth Miseunas, Elaine Nashian

6) Monica Ottomanelli, Betty Espanola, Diane Koehler, Susan Malool, Barbara John, Karen Rohr, Marianne     Reisen, Karen Riddle, Marion Bishop

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