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Just Us Girls 

​​Chairman - Betty Espanola  (401) 855-1284

Co-Chairman - Monica Ottomanelli 

(917) 974-3347

54 members of JUST US GIRLS gathered for a Christmas Party on Friday, December 1st, 2023, at The Pearl Restaurant in Gulfport.

Along with a delicious lunch, the ladies enjoyed new and old friendships,

a grab bag, raffle prizes, and holiday cupcakes. Many thanks to

Bev Finnerty and Joan Kirby for planning this wonderful event.

Photo 1 - Liz Haley, Karin Riddle, Christine Ivancin, Monica Ottomanelli,                                         Marion Bishop,Darlene Pavoni

Photo 2 - Ann Lamberson, Rochelle Williams, Grace Wagenman, Loretta VanderWiel  

Photo 3 - Norma Morris, Yura Gruenwald, Marina Mooney, Diane Koehler

Photo 4 - Susan Malool, Toni Franks, Sherye Trell-Angeloni, Jeanne Flaherty

Photo 5 - Maryann Garbaciak, Natalie Reardon, Barbara John, Karen Rohr

Photo 6 - Cathy Culler, Sandy Stare, Jerri Tate

Photo 7 - Marie Marshall, Ruta Misiunas, Dorothy Malmstedt, Judy Zielinski,                                 Charlotte Kennedy

Photo 8 - Joan Kirby, Bev Finnerty, Juanita Sciullo, Pat Green

Photo 9 - Geri Deraco, Sara Frederick, Cathy Sturgeon, Elizabeth Wargacki 

Photo 10 - Emily Maskulin, Peg Rich, Ruthie Young, Fran Yeske

Photo 11 - Pauline Murphy, Betty Espanola, Annette Ventola, Ginger Toal,  

                Ellie Guarriello, Anne Abbe Smith

Photo 12 - Juanita Sciullo, Bev Finnerty, Joan Kirby

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The fun never ends! JUST US GIRLS gathered for a luncheon at the Hollander Hotel in

St. Petersburg on Thursday, May 11th, 2023. They shared delicious meals, laughs and friendship.

  1. (Left and around the table)
    Cathy Culler, Dorothy Malmstedt, Jerri Tate, Peggy Breay, Judy Zielinski

  2. (Bottom left and around the table)
    Lois Santarsiero, Pauline Murphy, Kim Morwood, Liz Close, Gerry DeRaco, Ellie Guarriello, Joan Kirby, Annette Ventola, (Standing in the back) Monica Ottomanelli , Betty Espanola

  3. Sue Mulool, Rosemary Contino, Karin Riddle, Betty Espanola, Ann Davis, Bev Finnerty, Juanita Sciullo

  4. (Top) Juanita Sciullo, Betty Espanola, Bev Finnerty (Kneeling) Ann Davis


JUST US GIRLS set sail on April 19th, 2023 for a luncheon cruise aboard the Starlite Sapphire.

  1. (Bottom left and around the table) G. Gonzalez, Barbara Cantero, Linda Owens, Norma Lysiak, Peggy Breay, Sandy Stare, Debbie Staebell

  2. Bottom left and around the table) Ann Davis, Grace Wagenman, Jean Flaherty, Ruth Young, Tish Merkuloff, Rochelle Williams

  3. Juanita Sciullo, Loretta Vanderweil, Sandra Anderson, Pauline Murphy, Joan Kirby, Bev Finnerty

  4. Ginger Toal, Annette Ventola, Karin Riddle, Betty Espanola, Jen Berman, Lois Santarsiero


On Sunday, May 7th, 2023 a group of ladies from JUST US GIRLS purchased tickets to see the show, “Oliver”, performed by Eight O’Clock Theatre, located at the Central Park Performing Arts Center in Largo. The play included such notable songs as “Consider Yourself”,  “I’d Do Anything”, and “As Long As He Needs Me”.


Pat Green, Juanita Sciullo, Bev Finnerty, Pat Murphy, Betty Espanola,

Darlene Pavoni, Susan Mulool, Rosemary Contino, Monica Ottomanelli
(Missing from photo are Ruta Misiunas and Marie Marshall)

On Tuesday, March 21st, 2023 a group of JUST US GIRLS enjoyed a private guided tour of some of the extensive James Family American Indian Art Collection located at the Raymond James Financial Center on Carillon Pkwy., St. Petersburg.

Photo 1 - Bonnie Bolduc, Ann Davis,Rochelle Williams, Sandy Stare, Marion Bishop,                      Rosemary Contino, Lorelie Dean, Ann Lamberson 

Photo 2 - Shari, the tour guide 

Photo 3 - Shari, Lorelie Dean, Rosemary Contino, Ann Davis, Rochelle Williams

Photo 4 - Painting by Gary Niblett

Photo 5 - Sandy Stare

Hoopoe Bird

JUST US GIRLS attended the show, “Cher: The Beat Goes On”, at Ruth Eckerd Hall on March 5th, 2023.  A 5 star performance enjoyed by all!!

Photo 1 -  Bottom row: Rosemary Contino, MaryAnn Monticciolo, Mary Garrlick Rolle,                    Susan Mulool, Diana Berillo, Natalie Reardon
                Top row: Anne Davis, Joan Kirby, Pauline Murphy, Jan Spears, Sandy Stare

Photo 2 -  Ruta Misiunas, Marie Marshall, Ann Davis

Photo 3 - Starting right: Marion Bishop, Betty Espanola, Pat Murphy, Peggy Breay, Loretta

Photo 4 - Starting right: Peggy Breay, Loretta, Cathy Culler, Irma Douglas,

                Phyllis Warren, Geri Tate, G Gonzalez, Deb Staebell  

Photo 5 - Peggy Breay, Monica Ottomanelli, Pat Murphy, Betty Espanola, Marion Bishop 

Photo 6 - Barbara John, Karen Rohr, Libby Jackson

Photo 7 - Bottom row: Marion Bishop, Elizabeth Hendricks , Lorelie Dean
               Top row: Ruta Misiunas , Ann Davis

Photo 8 - Juanita Sciullo, Bev Finnerty, Jerry Taco, Loretta Vanderweil 

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Terri Cote, and her daughter, Marie, organized a flea market for JUST US GIRLS on Saturday, February 4th, 2023.

There were bargains galore and the event was fun filled and successful.

Photo 1 -  Terri Cote and her daughter Marie

Photo 2 -  (Standing) Ann Tracy, Joan Kirby (Sitting) Peggy Breay

Photo 3 -  Rita Misiunas

Photo 4 -  (Standing) Juanita Sciullo, Bunny Nisan (Sitting) Bev Finnerty, Pat Green

Photo 5 -  Betty Espanola

Photo 6 -  Monica Ottomanelli, Rosemary Contino, Lorelie Dean

Photo 7 -  Lorelie Dean, Rosemary Contino

Click on photo to enlarge and scroll

The fun continues! On Saturday, January 28th, 2023, a group of ladies from JUST US GIRLS attended the Early Bird Dinner Theatre in Clearwater to see the play “The Birthday Club”. The buffet was outstanding, and the show was an hilarious comedy.

A great day was enjoyed by all!

Cathy Culler, Peggy Breay, Sandy Stare, Marie Marshall, Ruta Misiunas, Ann Davis, Dorothy Malmstedt, Jerri Tate 


Sue Mallon, Karen Rohr, Natalie Reardon, Jeanne Flaherty, Lorelie Dean, Rosemary Contino, Terri Gregory


Elizabeth Wargacki, Juanita Sciullo, Bev Finnerty, Phyllis Miller, Jan Spears, Karen Riddle, Rochelle Williams 


Betty Espanola, Jennifer Berman, Patricia Murphy, Darlene Pavoni, Ruthie Young, Callie Gilberti, Marcia White,

Monica Ottomanelli 

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